Our Story

“This is the only place where I can give shape to my feelings”

- Internet Pirates

“Definitely helps in improving one’s writing skills. A very unique platform for people to connect with.”

- Chetan Pury

“Creative, innovative and sm(art)...mindfulness!”

- Daniela Andren

“My thoughts actually became words of inspiration.”

- Rudy Sufri

“Amazing innovation, great way to discover people with short lines..”

- Zubaer Hossain

“Very easy to use and connect thoughts with people from different places.”

- Zacks Micah

“Kindles creativity.”

- Ashika Bairagi

“I stopped drinking after using this app.”

- Anik Patel

“It's a fantastic way to be with people who share the same passion. I'm hooked.”

- Jason Aragon

“It lets you connect with beautiful people and lets you know their beautiful thoughts.”

- Your Vish

“It's fun how you can connect with people and think together to create poems.”

- Korinne Tiotangco

“If you ever feel lonely or bored, I strongly recommend this app because you get to connect with other people's minds and it makes your brain dig deeper.”

- Nasreena Nazeer

“I love it because I can put my thoughts here and other people will reply to me without knowing me, but they give me goosebumps!”

- Neel Kanabar

“HaikuJAM became the unpaid therapist who listens while you blabber and makes you realize that you'll be okay.”

- Anonymous

“Absolute stress buster.”

- Shreya Dave

“Its fun, it's cool and it makes you interact with people. Always been scared of being judged but different responses and things pop up everytime. Makes me feel happy.”

- Darren Ng

“Expressing myself was hard but this app made it a lot easier.”

- Alexandra Salvador

“I really love this...Connecting people through poetry!”

- Marco Luche

“Thanks for making it possible to convey what I deeply feel.”

- Jinx BRS

“It gives freedom to everyone...To those people who can't speak up.”

- Ella Guev