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Did You Know?

The reason behind
Everything is not logical
Sometimes, it's magical.

by Vaani,V&V The reason behind |Everything is not logical |Sometimes, it's magical.

My Life Theory

Never follow the crowd
It usually never
Goes anywhere

by Atishaya,A&A Never follow the crowd |It usually never |Goes anywhere

My Life Theory

Either you fight
For it, or
Fight with it

by Paresh,P&P Either you fight |For it, or |Fight with it

My Life Theory

We are born for a
Reason and chosen
For a destination

by Suchi,S&S We are born for a |Reason and chosen |For a destination

My Life Theory

You cannot win if
you don't fall down
And fight back stronger

by Rezii,R&R You cannot win if |you don't fall down |And fight back stronger

My Life Theory

The only way to live
in a peaceful world is to
Control your anger first

by Suchi,S&S The only way to live |in a peaceful world is to |Control your anger first

My Life Theory

Treat Yourself as
King of the world
But not others as peasants

by superAverageGuy,s&s Treat Yourself as |King of the world |But not others as peasants

That Awkward Moment

When you pretend
Not to be
Perfect, but you really are

by tddy,t&t When you pretend |Not to be |Perfect, but you really are


Your ego
needs to
Just go

by tddy,t&t Your ego |needs to |Just go


I grow, despite the
fierce storms and
Utter darkness

by Akahayla,A&A I grow, despite the |fierce storms and |Utter darkness