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He was the mistake,
She couldn't forget
Yet wouldn't recall

by Aarvi,A&A He was the mistake, |She couldn't forget |Yet wouldn't recall


If desire has a colour
It looked exactly like
Her scarlet lips

by Aarvi,A&A If desire has a colour |It looked exactly like |Her scarlet lips

I See

I see password to
All your hotspots
Through your eyes

by Pooja,P&P I see password to |All your hotspots |Through your eyes


Never too late
Never too early
To begin a love story

by Sana,S&S Never too late |Never too early |To begin a love story


Stories within stories
Plots within chapters
Written to be read.

by Poushali,P&P Stories within stories |Plots within chapters |Written to be read.


In another world
I am not lonely
Like in this

by Eleanore,E&E In another world |I am not lonely |Like in this

Letter 9

Dear heart,
Just pay attention
to the skipped beats

by Shruti,S&S Dear heart, |Just pay attention |to the skipped beats


She was a sin
I committed again and again
Hoping for redemption

by Abhinav,A&A She was a sin |I committed again and again |Hoping for redemption

In The Rain

I wished to be the
Only one dancing , but you
Stepped into my rhythm

by ആതിര,& I wished to be the |Only one dancing , but you |Stepped into my rhythm


She lends her pen
To him so that he can
Write their life story together

by Pooja,P&P She lends her pen |To him so that he can |Write their life story together