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But First

Let me take a selfie
so everyone knows how I
Hide my true emotions

by Sule,S&S Let me take a selfie |so everyone knows how I |Hide my true emotions


I was a prisoner to
my heart and a refugee
To my brain

by Shalini,S&S I was a prisoner to |my heart and a refugee |To my brain


If loving you
Is a crime, then
I'd be a happy criminal.

by tddy,t&t If loving you |Is a crime, then |I'd be a happy criminal.

But First

Choose the
person you want to be
For your happiness

by Nila,N&N Choose the |person you want to be |For your happiness

Call Me

They call me when
They need me not when
I'm in need

by unicorn❤,u&u They call me when |They need me not when |I'm in need

Walk Away

Constant battles between
the heart and mind
Hurt my Soul

by Brianna,B&B Constant battles between |the heart and mind |Hurt my Soul


The black hole
Is as mysterious as

by rittushi,r&r The black hole |Is as mysterious as |Haikujam

Skip a beat

Seeing her pass by
my fragile hands forgot,
the hands they were holding.

by Garima,G&G Seeing her pass by |my fragile hands forgot, |the hands they were holding.

Walk Away

Sometimes​ it is good to
Let go and see what happens if
You walk away

by D.,D&D Sometimes​ it is good to |Let go and see what happens if |You walk away


Dangerous thing that can
Distort reality or
construct fantasy.

by Heena,H&H Dangerous thing that can |Distort reality or |construct fantasy.