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My inhibitions
Inhibits me
So I inhibit them.

by Chandana,C&C My inhibitions |Inhibits me |So I inhibit them.


Change the sheet
And start
On a fresh note

by Alice,A&A Change the sheet |And start |On a fresh note

Far away

Let's meet
in another world where we
can be who we want

by Nipoorva,N&N Let's meet |in another world where we |can be who we want

That sip

One gulp down my throat
Quenched my thirst
But not my pain

by Shonali,S&S One gulp down my throat |Quenched my thirst |But not my pain

She danced in a way

Only he understood
The subtle movements
Of my body

by Daycha,D&D Only he understood |The subtle movements |Of my body

My Thoughts

Melancholic and

by Naushad,N&N Melancholic and |Monotonous |--Mostly

True Story

To make your life legendary,
Do work that is exemplary
For Life is temporary

by Nikhil,N&N To make your life legendary, |Do work that is exemplary |For Life is temporary

Calm Me Down In 3 Words

Waiting for those 3 words

by Satvika,S&S Maybe |I'm |Waiting for those 3 words

Keep Saying

You are the best
Even if you don't deserve

by Kruti,K&K You are the best |Even if you don't deserve |Yourself


Every child is an artist
Until creativity is confined
To grades.

by Abhishekk,A&A Every child is an artist |Until creativity is confined |To grades.