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Happy Father's Day

You lifted me
on your shoulders, to show me the
world beyond your sight

by RANI,R&R You lifted me |on your shoulders, to show me the |world beyond your sight

A Girl

Respect her
Not just in words
But in reality.

by VRAJ,V&V Respect her |Not just in words |But in reality.

What I Dread In 5 Words

packaged in
sweet lies.

by Esha,E&E Reality |packaged in |sweet lies.

My Untold Story

The bottled emotions
battled for an exit as I desperately
Opened the bottle top!

by Mehak,M&M The bottled emotions |battled for an exit as I desperately |Opened the bottle top!

Did You Know?

We all are
Shadows of
Our doings

by RANI,R&R We all are |Shadows of |Our doings

Life is game win or loss

It will end one day
So stand up
And toss the coin

by Saurav,S&S It will end one day |So stand up |And toss the coin


Slowly,I realised that
Nothing stays forever
Neither name nor fame.

by Jashan,J&J Slowly,I realised that |Nothing stays forever |Neither name nor fame.


Is also a form
of effortless yoga

by Anmol,A&A Haha |Is also a form |of effortless yoga

Empty Spaces

The ink dried
The pages withered
The love faded.

by Tanya,T&T The ink dried |The pages withered |The love faded.


On the pages of
History, you tore me off

by Tanya,T&T On the pages of |Handcrated |History, you tore me off