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Those days, those memories
Are in some corners of my mind,
Still waiting to be blurred.

by Bhaswati,B&B Those days, those memories |Are in some corners of my mind, |Still waiting to be blurred.


The thrill she had
When i first kissed her
Is waiting for another's lips.

by Krishna,K&K The thrill she had |When i first kissed her |Is waiting for another's lips.


Not sure if it exists,
But if it really does then
Why can't I find it?

by Parimal,P&P Not sure if it exists, |But if it really does then |Why can't I find it?

Shit happens

Every morning
It is the same thing
Me, regretting the last night

by Soumes,S&S Every morning |It is the same thing |Me, regretting the last night


Unsure of where to go
As I wanted to stay
In her heart.

by Kathryn,K&K Unsure of where to go |As I wanted to stay |In her heart.

Facebook Status

Once there was a status,
That said "My relationship is
with my pen and paper."

by Charu,C&C Once there was a status, |That said


If one was enough,
Then the stories wouldn't
stop wondering, what was amiss.

by Charu,C&C If one was enough, |Then the stories wouldn't |stop wondering, what was amiss.


I offer myself
To anyone who wants to
Have deep conversations

by Kris,K&K I offer myself |To anyone who wants to |Have deep conversations


I tripped but
I gathered my shattered courage
To shine, yet again.

by Nicole,N&N I tripped but |I gathered my shattered courage |To shine, yet again.

P e a c e

Silently wondering
Where I stranded
My smile

by Kanupriya,K&K Silently wondering |Where I stranded |My smile