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Monsoon Tales

Swimming paper boats
Flying rain drops, I drowned
In my childhood.

by Megha,M&M Swimming paper boats |Flying rain drops, I drowned |In my childhood.

Monsoon Tales

Tell the raindrops
To sing louder
And wake her up.

by Noceur,N&N Tell the raindrops |To sing louder |And wake her up.

Monsoon Tales

They say, every drop
Has its own story
Waiting to be heard.

by kimya,k&k They say, every drop |Has its own story |Waiting to be heard.

Architecture or Love?

I chose architecture, for
Love can be built on
The pieces of broken heart

by Nayaki,N&N I chose architecture, for |Love can be built on |The pieces of broken heart

She Never Said

You never looked lovingly
In my deep longing eyes
Until I said good bye

by Amit,A&A You never looked lovingly |In my deep longing eyes |Until I said good bye


Lying crumpled, the rose
Beneath her foot, kept wondering
If the thorn pricked her

by Royston,R&R Lying crumpled, the rose |Beneath her foot, kept wondering |If the thorn pricked her

Wednesday Wisdom

Never tell a woman
How to live her life without
A man. She already knows.

by Porky,P&P Never tell a woman |How to live her life without |A man. She already knows.


I boarded an empty bus
And searched for a window seat
Just to find myself alone.

by Jeswin,J&J I boarded an empty bus |And searched for a window seat |Just to find myself alone.

My Confession

All this time i was
Hiding my Gender, because
My soul has none.

by krutika,k&k All this time i was |Hiding my Gender, because |My soul has none.

Wednesday Wisdom

We spend 90% of life
In thinking about how
Our future would be

by Hema,H&H We spend 90% of life |In thinking about how |Our future would be