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Phone Call

My past called me
to check if I'm getting along
with my present

by Showrya,S&S My past called me-to check if I'm getting along-with my present


If money can talk,
Then let me insert a coin
and listen to my destiny

by Shriya,S&S If money can talk,-Then let me insert a coin-and listen to my destiny


Not all of us have
A happy ending, some are
Just tragically beautiful

by pat.,p&p Not all of us have-A happy ending, some are-Just tragically beautiful


Will he? Wont he ?
Have the strength to break
Through my walls?

by Kumud,K&K Will he? Wont he ?-Have the strength to break-Through my walls?


A life without failure
Cheats you of chances to grow
Into your own self.

by Shristi,S&S A life without failure-Cheats you of chances to grow-Into your own self.

His Secrets

In the pregnant silence
We gave birth to
Spaces of comfort

by Chandana,C&C In the pregnant silence-We gave birth to-Spaces of comfort


She burst out laughing at
all the mistakes she made
and mistakes that made her

by Chandana,C&C She burst out laughing at-all the mistakes she made-and mistakes that made her


by Rit,R&R Photo story:Sky

Study Session

What I may or may not need
to get an A+

by Joy,J&J Internalizing-What I may or may not need-to get an A+

That dress in the window

Tempting me
To take action
about my waist

by BC,B&B Tempting me-To take action-about my waist