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They all say
Love lasts till lust ends
Then he proved me wrong

by Zehra,Z&Z They all say |Love lasts till lust ends |Then he proved me wrong

I Am

The person knocking
Without knowing
How to enter your heart

by Paola,P&P The person knocking |Without knowing |How to enter your heart

I Am

The only mistake you want to
Make and yet not

by Mayur,M&M The only mistake you want to |Make and yet not |Regret.

Uri Attacks

Ink is Red
Blood is too
Both write stories

by Lovish,L&L Ink is Red |Blood is too |Both write stories


With the burning candles
Lighting the dark room, he
Found something precious

by Danish,D&D With the burning candles |Lighting the dark room, he |Found something precious


She came wearing moonlight
With stars in her eyes
And glitter in her smile

by Anubhav,A&A She came wearing moonlight |With stars in her eyes |And glitter in her smile

For you

Girl I'll be your soldier
In all your wars
At the bargain stores

by Rijul,R&R Girl I'll be your soldier |In all your wars |At the bargain stores

Uri Attacks

Heroes never die
They transcend from humans
to memories

by Anvita,A&A Heroes never die |They transcend from humans |to memories

My Story

A million sighs
A single smile
In my coffin

by Elaine,E&E A million sighs |A single smile |In my coffin


Some invisible words
Some untold stories,
Some unheard lies.

by Avinash,A&A Some invisible words |Some untold stories, |Some unheard lies.